CLUBHOUSE CLIPS what is it & how to use?

hey everyone so here is clubhouse and in this quick video i will show you what are clubhouse clips and how to use them so basically when you start a room or when you join the room and you are in the room for more than 30 seconds you will see this active scissors icon and then um you can just share this clip and eclipse captures the last 30 seconds of the room so share this link um link copy it then you can just send like and let's see how it works and the output is just like a clubhouse clip from the last 30 seconds and it's just yeah it works like just an audio file [Music] so for example if i want to share my clubhouse clip on twitter that's how it will look like and that's just like a 30-second audio clip from clubhouse so that's kind of pretty fun um that's that um you can also disable here if you are on the right of the room you can disable clips um if you just tap on three dots here in top right you can disable clips also let's go through other like explanation here so they were introduced just in the end of september clips rolling out in bada will allow anyone to share 30 second clips of public rooms on clubhouse so okay it's only available to the public rooms when you start a room you can choose whether you want clips enabled if you enable clips people will see a scissor icon and people can share clips of your shirt to instagram twitter facebook imessage and these clubhouse clips have been rolled out invited to small groups of creators so that the more of all you can see people can see them more of clubhouse and replace will be coming to clubhouse in the coming weeks uh replays are entirely new way for people to experience your rooms live but later so just like clips you'll be able to choose whether you want replace enabled when you start a room if you're there on your room will be discoverable on clubhouse for as long as you like and available for you to download and share anywhere so that's interesting so there you have it um that was just a quick introduction to clips there are also a bunch of other features released on clubhouse so anyways if you enjoyed it put                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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