Clubhouse HOUSE LOUNGE feature - what is it?

so here's a new update from Clubhouse this app was viral during pandemic and it is like the first audio chatting app uh which I must like millions of users and then basically was copied by many other apps including Twitter which now has this feature called Twitter spices but now they're releasing a new feature called House launches for web you can now stay connected with your friends and communities without always being connected to your phone let's talk about it the web version for house launches is just like the app on your phone but with the added convenience of joining straight from your computer by accessing houses launches your computer you can experience your favorite lunges and participate in conversations in full desktop Glory um so whenever you need to plug in your phone for a charge on either break from swapping between apps house logic from web allows you the opportunity to join a fun conversation with your friends Community it's the same to use experience on your phone so yeah you just need to go to sign in sign in with your account and then you will see all of the rooms and houses your member of uh and then yeah you can just listen to to the clubhouse audio just on the web uh so yeah this is kind of like if you want to listen to clubhouse uh on the web for some reason because yeah you can't always use your phone of course like the phone is a primary use for a clubhouse but sometimes you know I'm doing some desktop tasks or stuff like that you just find it easier to use on the web so yeah that's basically a new feature so interesting to hear your opinions what do you think

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