CLUBHOUSE LINKS how to use the feature?

hello so here is uh clubhouse so recently as i introduced a new feature which is clubhouse links and let's just go through how to use it i'm not entirely sure yeah that that's what i shot before so here on october 6th i introduced clubhouse links there is something nice about seeing people's photos and no one who is talking it would be great if you could just grab a private clubhouse room link and drop in a calendar and write like you can with most video chat services to grab a clubhouse link just stop plus run room in the hallway then tap share a room link unique link will get copied to your clipboard so you can text to a group drop in a calendar the room will be private open just to the people who have link and you'll get notified when people join so we hope this feature will make it easier for you to have one-on-ones for moderators to catch up for creators to host private events clubhouse links is rolling out in beta on ios today and we are excited to see how people use it so seems of course you can go to clubhouse and for example share a link to uh to any like copy link here but um yeah let's just start a closed room and just start that and then let's see close room and then share room okay might be something like this or maybe i can just tap plus so anyways something like this i'd like if you know better how to create these links for the from the hallway i'm not sure so anyways it's just an overview                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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