hello everyone so in this video we're gonna do a quick overview of cnn plus how to get it how it works um like should you upgrade and all of that so basically it was just released one a few days ago first like is there like a separate cnn plus app nope it's inside main cnn app um and then if you just go on app store for iphone i think it should also be on android but let's go about it later so here you will see that there is some major update um get your news in new way stream original series and for films when you want to interact with interviews as they happen so that's just a new major update in their main cnn app and to get cnn plus you just need to download this main cnn app so that's it so now you just download it and now there is a new button here in the bottom which is called cnn plus where you can now upgrade so that's basically but just uh to clarify i think cnn plus is only available it's only available in the united states at this moment so it's you won't be able to see it in europe or even canada or australia or uk or something like that so only us maybe it will roll out to more international audience soon but at this moment that's what it is then you have like you know featured uh featured series you can see some live shows you can see what's new this week you can see what's popular on cnn plus some exclusive interviews i don't know it's it's a bit buggy maybe it's because of internet or something then you can just browse all these stories so it's basically like cnn but you just have some gated content so you you know like with your favorite cnn hosts you have some content which is locked locked behind this subscription um so that's basically the idea uh so yeah and then you have some popular series which are available on cnn plus here you can see news this week uh and then for example if i want to see this uh this page land of giants or anything i can just tap on it and then from there i will be prompted to to upgrade my account and to sign up so then i i can also to do that i can also go to settings manage subscriptions and then tap upgrade to cnn plus so i can also do that way because there is no way you can watch content on that tab cnn plus for free you just need to upgrade so when you upgrade you will have live news coverage and exclusive reporting cnn plus in cnn original series and films interactive q as with experts commercial free unlimited streaming and it starts at 599 us dollars per month or 59.99 per year um yeah so it's nice discount if you pay yearly price it's not you know it's not expensive but it's not cheap so it's uh of course it's cheaper than netflix but like for six dollars per month uh does it really deliver that much value would you pay for it um yeah maybe if you really like cnn and you really want to see these shows um you you can try to do that but anyways they offer seven day free trial so you can always try it out and see if it's for you so there is months then yearly you can [Music] see that three four seven days and your plan subscription starts and automatically renews for 5.99 each month until it is cancelled so that's basically that [Music] and then you can just tap to start subscription and that should yeah then you should be you should have access to all these shows and all of that here you have all the episodes uh uh you can have trailers which you can just watch there but yeah it's kind of like uh has some similar features to netflix but of course the idea is that cnn wants to bring much more monetization through this because obviously all like old school media is monetized your ads like you know cnn just having these endless ads on tv and in their app on their website but probably if you subscribe to cnn plus not probably but for sure you just have [Music] yeah more exclusive content and yes that's additional additional stream of revenue for them but also you don't have ads seems like that it says commercial free unlimited streaming it's like let's see uh so yeah um do you need to add your cable provider no you don't need to i think you just need to upgrade here in in the in the app and that's it so here are all the shows and then you can just see them uh different interviews podcasts some exclusive content you don't know which which additional content i will add maybe it will be like you know like uh like netflix but i think it can be quite interesting content actually and i think if you subscribe or cnn plus on your iphone it should be available also on like apple tv on ipad you know on some other devices you use android phones and all of that so browse interview club tv channels i don't know what that means but then still you will need to verify a tv provider to watch uh all these like show shows like don lemon tonight and all of that um so cnn plus doesn't doesn't have that you see an n plus you will just have access to these shows not you will still need to have tv provider so that's that um that's overview um so we can also just check it out if cnn is available on android so let's just go and straight away just like google it out so if i just if i just and then um yeah so yeah it launches on amazon fire tv android phones tablets apple devices and desktop um so yeah on all these devices you can get that and uh yeah your app store on iphone ipad apple tv apple tv 4k apple tv hd um and of course if you for example subscribe on iphone it should be available for you also on uh you know on like fire tv on android phones and all of that so it's just launched on march 28th so that's that the product cnn plus was announced in july 2021 as set to debut in q122 additional cnn plus show style and content offerings and business updates for 22 and beyond will be released in the days weeks and months and years to come you can also go to their website uh at launch a12 live daily shows will debut in addition to the first episode of sleight of weekly program new cnn plus original series and the library of more than thousand hours of award winning programming from cnn original series and cnn films films teams additionally the interview club platform will house a striving community that allows subscribers to drive the conversation part of the story so you can also use the schedule so yeah interview club it's an interesting feature so you can be a part of the community and participate in some of the shows and then 59.99 per year early subscribers that sign up is in the first four weeks directvsnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn will have access to deal of uh lifetime or fifty percent of the monthly plan for life as long as they remain subscribers so that's that so interesting so we can also just go for you like uh live news baltery innovative interviews so now you can just uh subscribe for 2.99 instead of 5.99 and that's it if you subscribe now you you will get the deal for life so yeah i think interesting uh so you can get it like instead of paying 60 dollars per year you'll basically buy 36 so it's already like a good deal uh and then again you can see live news coverage up to 12 live dial in weekly shows on demand original series and phones interactive q as commercial free unlimited streaming again you will need to add you'll need to add your tv provider still to to have unlimited streaming and then yeah it's available only in united states [Music] so here you can also just go to this website and see where it's available where you can stream you can stream also using your web browser cnn mobile app android os cnn app on apple tv on amazon fire tv streaming devices no android tvs that's interesting so there you have it so hope this was a quick overview what you should know about cnn plus i haven't subscribed yet but i've heard about it like for a long period that you know a lot of like these hosts and influencers who are moving to this to this part and business wise it makes sense for cnn to try it out but let's see how it develops if you like news map you can try it out so thank you for watching

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