CNN+ - how to upgrade?

hello so if you're wondering how to subscribe to cnn plus how to upgrade and start watching their mis exclusive content so it's not a separate app so it's the same old cnn app as you can see here in app store it's just cnn but it just has this event cnn plus launch so yeah and there is no another app again and then what you can do you can just go to the app and then in the bottom in the middle you will have cnn plus tab and that's basically where you can access it i guess you need to create an account here so you can create a free account just with your email and password but maybe you don't even need that but basically here is cnn plus and then if you want to watch some show you can just tap there so cnn plus offers some exclusive content which is not available on a regular cnn app and then if you want to watch that exclusive content of course you need to upgrade so subscribe now to start streaming live news covers an exclusive report in cnn plus in an original series and firms directive qr q and ace with experts commercial free unlimited streaming plans start at 5.99 per month so 59.99 per year and then you can just start seven day free trial so you can do that then you select either monthly or yearly so it's 5.99 per month so yearly 59.99 yeah it depends if you like to watch this new source maybe it's not that much it just depends uh not sure uh if it's i think yeah if you subscribe here obviously it should be available on apple tv or like on your like tv consoles whenever whatever you're using maybe also on of course an ipad on the website everywhere so that's where it should be available and yup so that's the idea um so something around that so if you start tab start subscription you should be offered like seven day free trial and then after seven days uh the subscription will start um of course you can try trial for some period and then cancel it but if you want to cancel it make sure to cancel not after seven days but at most after six days and then you won't be charged but of course you're free to try it out but yeah of course you need to pay if you want to watch this exclusive content maybe it's worth it you can restore purchase obviously if you if you upgrade it on some other device um before or you change your phone or something like that so that's about it so i think they just launched it one day ago or two days ago um and that that's it uh you can also go to settings here and then manage subscriptions and then from here you can upgrade to cnn plus from here i hope that is helpful

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