Co-Star ice-breaker gone. What was this feature?

so there was a popular feature in co-star app which was called Icebreaker so if you just go to Home tab you will see like Icebreaker menu and then you will see this Icebreaker suggestions for you and your friends so basically this word just kind of some horoscope predictions uh yeah which yeah would be I you would be able to see and also about your friends um so that's that's basically that um um so yeah uh that's the idea um um so that's basically how it works uh but now this feature is gone and you can no longer see it because some people were complaining that of course this is just like some small horoscope app but if you see all of this and you just get a lot of notifications I guess some of it is just AI generated and some people were not that happy with all of it but anyhow that's basically that

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