Co-Star Social Astrology app - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE

so here is co-star app it's an interesting app which is um kind of social media app but also with some parts of astrology uh so here it is so you can just get it uh hundred fifty eight thousand reviews here four point eight out of five average writing as you can see it's in the top charts actually in the in the app store um it's the hyper personalized social experience bringing astrology into the 21st century so costar asks what minutes you are born a new way to understand relationships part by ai and yes this is super interesting app so it uses some ai modeling to to create horoscopes and some like daily advice so to create an account you just need to sign up and then just enter a date where you were born cd and specific time so then you can just open the app and then here is how it looks like so you can see your charts you can see all of the like astrology information so for example today it says do not be ashamed of your actions power in in all of these things so that's what you can see then you can just see the charts you can see some updates uh you can see some like short summary based on on your updates um [Music] and yeah so it's pretty interesting um then you can save some some of them then there are of course settings where you can reserve your name username you can connect facebook change profile photo um some of the details you can just play with it dependent but the cool part is also you can add friends here so you can just search for the profile and this is the way to to just add some profiles and then also give access to to your contacts and allow friends to to access your profiles so that's the idea um yeah so and then you can just interact with each other and then depending on friends you have this app will tell you for example this is the good day to hang out with this friend or this is a good day to feel uh like you know you know to do this with your partner or something like that and that this makes this app pretty fun to use and it adds this like social media element to to the astrology uh also you can add a widget if you just tap and hold you can see there is a widget you can sell a sort at it and then i will just see this your day at a glance and then you will just like one phrase per day um yeah where you can just see uh uh yeah the the ideas what what you have planning for a day or what you need to do or some advice or something like that so that can be interesting for sure uh yeah so that's that definitely give it a try uh super interesting app

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