Co-Tweet example - how to co-author tweets

so here's an example of call tweet so what does it mean so you see a tweet here but there are like two authors and two usernames and they are just writing this like marketing hack get a significant other who is also a marketer you will also you will have someone to brainstorm with always so that's basically yeah and then you can just tap here and then you will see authors um of this tweet it's a new feature of twitter in beta where like two authors can write a tweet one tweet and it's not possible to see which parts of tweet each person wrote and stuff like that but [Music] and then yeah someone is joking now this is how you go to it and yeah so you can do it together i don't know when this feature is available for everyone when is it out of beta will it be available just for twitter blue subscribers and all of that but yeah that's how it works um hope this is helpful

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