Coachella Official - app overview

so here is korchala app so let's try to install it and see what this app is about uh so of course obviously it's dedicated to coachella music festival where you can explore 2020 to line up and favorite artists to start building your custom schedule explore playlist register your wristband and more as the festival approaches so here is the overview of lineup and you can just create your custom schedule that's i think one of the main features of that because obviously there are so many artists and you just want to you know create your schedule to use your time most effectively you can explore line up on your fingertips register wristband uh and access to official playlists but like keep in mind this app for some reason it's almost one gigabyte in size i don't know why this app is so large uh but yeah there you have it so if you have a bit older iphone with less storage or something like that it can be pretty large app uh but yeah there you have it uh some people say it works fine but doesn't have the schedule or map on you onto your phone has to retrieve them on app launch slow and crappy but works but just terribly slow and intuitively drain my battery life and finished under off ridiculous size and yeah that's the question i'm asking like why is this app is one gigabyte and everything still loads from a web page so it's basically it should be super simple like browsing app it's like a super simple website app max like 50 megabyte i don't know 100 megabytes app size but it has one gigabyte size it's like a big video game on iphone so i don't know but of course that's the official app and you can download it and every year it's updated and it's just adding all the lineups for 2021 22 and the next years and all of that um so yeah some people like to use website some people like to use laptop but for a lot of people it's just better to download the app once and just open it and just have on your phone and create your own schedule and that's bring some advantages so that's an overview you still need to wait until this app downloads let's read some other overviews okay maybe it's just at the moment it's just too big but anyways hope you got the idea of the app and yeah hope there is some help for you

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