COCOS BCX crypto can you buy on Coinbase?

hey everyone so let's explore if you can buy gold coast crypto on coinbase so there you have it this is a token calculus bcx and as you can see it just really like skyrocketed here almost like like seven times um so just during one month so there you have it so that's the crypto um can you buy it with the there's a coinbase now but you can buy it with coinbase exchange with coinbase wallet app which is basically a separate app where you can try to cut it um but let's just explore because sometimes coinbase app doesn't coinbase wallet app doesn't really work so maybe there is some other way to get it so here is cocoa's b6 you can see that you can actually buy it on binance easily and you can buy it on bitforex me xc global who dot com hot big dragon eggs and all of that so just create an account one of this exchange size and you should be able to buy cocos so hope that is helpful

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