CODENAME APP - Animated TikTok - how to create an account?

here is interesting app code name make animated tick tocks so let's just install it and yeah we can just use touch id to to install and then the idea is that you can create your animate self share videos on tiktok get featured and get followers collect nft accessories so it's kind of like a meta war social media app but it is still connected to tiktok where you can create avatars control it with your face and hands and use it to share videos yeah so you can generate your avatar from your selfie make videos as your avatar participate in video challenges to win fun nft accessories you can watch and follow friends your avatar is an nft that you own on the blockchain codenames comes with your very own free and easy to use nifty wallet as well so interesting concept so let's just open it up get followers and then to create an account let's just i'll just usually do this apple id of course you can do using facebook is just your phone [Music] you can just add your birthday if you want to then i can add my username so that's cool and then you can choose your face type start with a selfie so then you need to give access to to your camera so so as you can see it automatically generates avatar for me so far they are not that that close i wouldn't i don't know okay so i can just select this one and let's see what happens so now you can edit your avatar so you can change some settings you can change body shirt hair eyes special so something around this anyways that's what you can do and then this just creates your avatar nft so yeah it's just takes time it's just working hard to create your avatar nft your avatar and if tv is being created in the background while you continue um so anyways probably it will be possible to get this nft later but anyhow this is how you create an account and this is how you create your avatar and that's basically how it works um so yeah hope this was helpful i still didn't figure out how to create like tick tock videos for it you can just see some examples where people creating this kind of avatar videos so yeah definitely give it a try and thank you for watching

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