here is app called codename you can make animated tick talks and this app is is going into top 200 apps in social networking category in us app store i was trying to figure out what this app is about so you can create your animated self tick talks [Music] share videos get featured and get followers collect nft accessories but overall this app is like um metawars app metawars tiktok like so you create your avatar with this app you record videos with your avatar then you can post it in this app you can share it to other apps your avatar is your nft so all of this stuff which is you know you can make your videos watch and follow francis them express themselves shooter avatars your avatar is an nft that you're on on the blockchain codename comes with your our own free and easy to use nft wallet share the videos your favorite social networks like tick tock and snapchat so yep that's basically that so let's just open the app so you have an idea is it the right app for you or not so here it is here's how the app looks like are you kidding me uh here are like some of the videos which we are creating like don't expect like to create a lot of uh so much quality photos and videos here because it's actually pretty hard and um yeah so it looks like a tick tock as you can see uh the same like a button comment and share a button in the sidebar and the right then you can go to the shop uh you can purchase additional coins here then there is activity you can turn on some notifications then there is your profile which basically as i created my avatar i can see my profile i can edit my profile i can edit my avatar there is a gear icon here so yeah you can contact to support you can add your tick tock instagram snapchat username then you can add friends also you can just search friends by username here and then just follow them so that's what you can do a lot of stuff is quite anonymous you can see some of the videos from other people and this is how it looks like so some people are posting actually a lot of photos and a lot of videos here and as you can see yeah this heart looks like they're getting some use like 300 views like okay not that much but it's getting there like 560 followers um so yeah this is kind of your mata bar stick talk i don't know if your videos are also generated as nfts but your avatar is you also created a wallet [Music] and then there are also there is your wallet address there are your accessories which you do while participating in the videos there is your wallet address then there are also coins in your wallet i have no idea which coins are these probably they just depend on the um uh yeah on like how often are you using the app and like how much following do you have so maybe uh it's the future that you can monetize in web3 your uh like social media presence and all of that then there is a separate shop where you can buy coins still for like fiat currency um but yeah these coins are kind of becoming a crypt or stuff like that so anyhow this is the app definitely give it a try check it out um to create video tap camera icon in the bottom i wasn't able to create it and finish it because there's quite a few bugs to be honest and the app is quite slow and sometimes it is crashing for me maybe because i have iphone 7 and it is an older phone [Music] but yeah that's what it is i hope that is helpful

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