Codex Javascript Sandbox from OpenAI - quick overview

here's another project from open AI so open AI is behind chat GPT which is like wildly popular but there is a bit less known project called codex JavaScript sandbox tell codex what to do below and it will generate JavaScript that runs here so provide instructions uh so yeah you can do some simple stuff like uh yeah you can just create a centered image and link to image produce the same size of image by 20 centers this div uh like okay so Center div with image inside let's see and then you can also create okay okay so it seems it's I don't know it's not displaying anything uh but this is kind of a cool free tool it should work okay so there you have it and now you can probably go uh and just see the JavaScript code here okay so something like that and then yeah you can just probably on the browser web browser you can go and see the code uh or just use inspect tool to see the code there and this is kind of like a additional tool to like GitHub Copilot probably or for JavaScript developers this is a nice interesting tool to discover um yeah it's I think it's only works in JavaScript right now not sure about other languages like Ruby or PHP or anything like it um but yeah there you have it so just bring your attention here it's free for now so you don't need to have like uh paid subscription or anything but it's still in beta uh but yeah it I think it can be used like in future to generate some cool Snippets for react view some Frameworks maybe even creating some simple applications and all of that some simple front-end work maybe it kind of replace all of it uh so yeah uh

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