Coinbase Cloud - what is it?

so i just discovered this new uh twitter account uh which started posting recently uh which is called coinbase cloud at coinbase cloud on twitter powering a global community of developers building the future of web 3 and they just two hours ago posted this blog hello world this is the official twitter account for coinbase cloud stay tuned for everything you need to know about building a web three learn more here so then if i just go to let's just go through this block together to yeah definitely learn more about coinbase cloud start start building uh crypto project davis coin based cloud apis and blockchain infrastructure uh whether it's uh crypto payment or trading api's data access was taken infrastructure coinbase cloud has it all uh so you have a full suite of blockchain development services you can build crypto products faster and with less effort expand access to your product or service um offer your users an easy secure way to access your product or services we sign in with coinbase uh build cross-chain application faster and standardized integrations between blockchain and crypto services so yeah you can link dabs to coinbase wallet accept and manage secure crypto payments for your business place orders track market data and more there is rosetta participate sign in with coinbase prime apis so here it is so yeah there you have it something yeah you can just read yourself here and have an overview of all these uh interesting uh features so that's that uh interesting so like coinbase is building something similar to like aws or google cloud but just for webster and crypto so that's just the interesting development for sure interesting to know that um let's see how that works i think my my pizza has a great future however some people are saying that coinbase is in fact similar to openc is a web 2 app uh just yeah it opens opens the world to the web stream but in fact it's just a standard web 2 app which is like centralized it's not decentralized so yeah there you have it

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