Coinbase NFT is working with Mastercard?

here is some updates so seemingly coinbase is working with mastercard to allow card payments on their upcoming nft platform so basically um yeah it's interesting development so what that means is uh yeah the maybe it will democratize the way that people can buy nfts and you because right now if you want to buy some nfts on opencv's ethereum obviously you need to buy this humongous gas fees but as soon as you get into nft games this is uh worst them but like still it's a barrier for so many people and maybe this intersection of web 2 and web 3 will just you know uh break the gate for so many people and people can just get into nft world much faster instead of setting up your metamask account and you know like transfer an ethereum to your metamask buying ethereum there buying gas fees and all that so maybe it's just easier to start where people can just hey i want to buy this nft with my mastercard and then somehow i will also figure out to use my metamask with ethereum so what do you think it's an interesting development

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