COINBASE NFT platform - I got invited to beta!

so i got an invitation to try out uh coinbase nft uh and try out their beta so this is how it works so this is how to accept the invitation to join coinbase nifty better so you needed to sign up at for a waiting list a while ago then you needed to refer more people to join and if you afford more people you move up in the waiting list you move just higher um yep and then basically they send me this email and then there is like a access code which is unique and which can be used only once so you sign up on you enter that code you connect with your wallet select your username and voila there you have it now you're in coinbase nftbata version um so that's that i won't be of course sharing my referral code because it can only be used once and yeah but at least you get the idea uh so you can always just go to uh like nft i think it's better to do that on desktop so here is you can shop nfts and you need to sign in and so you can see all of that so that's the idea um uh so that's basically how it looks like there is a lot of anticipation around it like people discuss will coinbase nft marketplace overcome openc uh like what are the implications of it like is it gonna be big or it's it's not gonna work because people like open c and all of these kind of questions but anyway super exciting project i don't know when it will go out of beta but there you have it and also people a lot of people on twitter referred that this nft marketplace looks like instagram so it's kind of more or less social and if your marketplace where you can see i'm just scrolling the feed and just hang out with friends while openc seems like a more serious kind of big nft marketplace this one is mobile first instagram is social media marketplace so let's see what works what doesn't and yeah

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