Coinmama app preview

hello everyone so here is coin mama app uh which recently is trending um so it's one of the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency trusted by three million hundred thousand people across 188 countries since 2013 but basically i never heard about this exchange but yeah seems it's like super easy way just you know to enter like i want to buy a hundred euro of bitcoin and it supports apple by google by skrill like like similar to coinbase super easy just step by and then you okay you just need to create your account uh just enter your email password country of residence and then you will be able to create your account and then there is also some coin mama ai assistant um you can buy so here is everything you can buy bitcoin bitcoin cash ethereum dodge coin cardano you can sell there is blog currencies um 100 million plus currency transacted 190 countries searched so it's not only you uh north america you can create an account from everywhere um so yeah this is just like a cryptocurrency exchange do you have any you know any suggestions have you used it do you think it's scam or it's like legit one why would you use it instead of coinbase or select just another exchange so

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