CoinOut CashBack Everywhere - app overview

everyone so here is this app which is called coin out uh which is called basically the area is that you have cashback anywhere so to install it just tap get here and then uh just use a touch id to install so how big is that is around 100 megabytes so not that large and then get by to shop normally at any retailer and then just upload any receipt in the app and earn cashback you don't have to find specific deals so take time just snap iron receipts needs to be applied within two weeks and then uh software will cancel non-receipts on unreadable transactions and then you can just buy online and earn cash back so zero customer fees exclusive promotions no financial information needed great swag so 55k ratings 4.7 out of 5 average review so that's pretty cool and then you can just tap open and then you need to enter your mobile phone number to begin so let's see how that [Music] so yeah of course probably it only works in us or maybe canada but you will need like us phone numbers i'll just try to use this app which is called text plus so let's see if it loads the idea of itis that you can just enter a number and then okay so you need to enter your mobile number and then you should be able to start registering and getting these cashbacks it's a super small cashback obviously but it's better than nothing and in all ads app and the one thing is that you can only add one up to seven receipts per day ideally it would be good to have unlimited and for example this person might 65 cents first day so yeah not bad at all 65 cents uh so yeah it all adds up so yeah if you want to make like additional 30 50 bucks per month let's say or maybe even more might be if they extend it not to seven or six but more and extend that time period where you can upload all the receipts it can be really nice so that's that

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