CoinSnap app - value guide - super quick tutorial

hey everyone so quick guide to this amazing app called coin snap which you can just use to identify coins uh and yeah so for example here it is and I can just scan any coin super easy with help of AI and then I can just change it like this and then yeah you can just select how it looks like and then I can see what's the price of it uh so let's just check out so zero 1995 yeah so it's pretty cool so estimated price can be 1.65 US Dollars which is Which is higher than all right is the the while the price of the coin because five krona is around like 70 cents or 80 cents U.S cents so yeah it's pretty cool and you can see super fast uh smooth scanning it's really identified amazingly well and then you can see all this reference images all the specifications all this lettering you can then add it to collection uh you can add some value um yeah so super cool that's what you can do even in a free version of that however in the free version of the app you just have limited amount of of scans so yeah that's basically what it is yeah I hope that was helpful

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