CoinSnap: Value Guide - app overview & how to use

here's the interesting app which is called coin snap Value Guide identify coins and their value so this is a great app for becoming a new Miss map and just if you're collecting coins this is a nice app to check out maybe you know uh you you're just collecting coins so you just try trying to trade them or something and you have some coin from like 19th century and you have really no idea which coin is that like previously of course you can just Google even beforehand you can just use some numismatic books to identify that but yeah here you can just go and then use Ai and track coins we are uh yeah via the app uh yeah there are similar apps uh like plan identifier there is another app called VB now where you can identify wines so here yeah you can just see a popular series and then you can just tap identify my coin snap tips you can see that you need to place your coin in the center of the frame the camera will automatically take a picture too dark to blurry multi coins and then yeah um so let's just try with one Euro first and then I'll try to turn The Coin over and then it will just scan it yeah so you can see that this is Spain uh one euro from 2007 to 2009 I can see on the coin that's like 2007 so that's that and then you can see the price of this coin is uh 80 US dollar uh so this is just like a reference and then you can see reference images it's like pretty cool and then you can see all the specifications you can see who is easier denomination wait diameter thickness composition uh yeah and then you can just add it to collection uh collection details and then just tap save uh so yeah that's about it it's pretty cool quickly identify any coin enjoy unlimited coin identifications get detailed information including your minted country value and more organize a collection like before no annoying ads uh so yeah that's that now let's try like a Danish coin foreign it's like a 20 so then uh you have some matches um yeah so it's not one Corona it's two Corona but it's not Greenland right sharing ground okay so now you have this uh reference images pretty cool everything is pretty close is your Denmark to Corona then you can see composition diameter designer and then you can see price and then yeah you can add it to collection as well so now I have two coins so yeah something like that pretty cool then you have wish list you have history you have settings here you can yeah clear cache if you want to not to you know collect so much storage on your device then you can have login sign up here you can do that uh so that's basically that premium status you can also enable that upgrade so yeah that's basically it uh great my coin the currently supports you as coins these features are to determine the grade of a coin it doesn't verify the authenticity of the coin uh use just as a reference so here you will be able to to grade and use it for grading for more professional lumismats then you can see collections and that's it so super easy to use app you can see uh some popular coins here you can see some uh coins which are here so that's basically that um yeah I hope it is helpful um that's the overview and thank you for watching

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