COLOR BY NUMBER - Coloring game - app overview

here is interesting viral app which is called color by number color and game so let's just install it the size of the app is 132 megabytes so you can just use touch id or face id to install um there are 637 thousand ratings uh you can see that it's in top charts and there and there are a bunch of apps around it um so you can yeah basically it's like a coloring game where you can just fill in all of that and just color and you know that's basically how it works it's a new addictive game choose from a variety of super fun images and follow the numbers to bring them to life coloring has never been this easy anti-stress coloring so this app is like super addictive uh i tried some of these apps and yeah sometimes if you really like coloring or you know you just want to reduce some stress definitely check it out so okay let's just create an account here because it's like super fast with the apple id so i can just do that now you're connected thank you and now like basic so for example if i want to color this i can see like okay so i can just color like this i i wanted also to double tap uh to long press but since it doesn't work on the corners so that's basically it yeah i can just easily do that but basically this is yeah just long press and drag but on the corners it doesn't work and then each number basically reflects like a coloring number here so as you can see it's actually pretty addictive um yeah so something like that so now i did all the black color uh so now there are a bunch of twos and then i can just do something like that [Music] uh i can also erase some of those if i did a mistake and then there are a bunch of trees which i also can just do like this and it's pretty pretty easy to do as you can see so that's the idea so yep now i'm done with that now i can just use four so that's cool so yep so there you have it i think this is like the process and and it's super addicting it's stress relieving um like you know if you just like like this kind of games i think this is one of the top apps then you just have your profile you can share images you can see it works if you created your profile your progress is saved then there is also the community you can see amazing work by other people you can import uh you can import photos from from your camera so for example yep and then you can just do easy or hard and then you can also import video or something so that's interesting okay now the app starts lagging anyways i hope you enjoyed this overview um that's basically the app uh definitely try it out if you like apps like you know wardle or likes bunch of like stress releasing apps yeah so i think this is one of the cool apps and painting painting drawing is really amazing actually so yeah definitely give it a try and there are a bunch of categories like you know easy food cute uh all of that so you can just search here like uh there are a bunch of ads uh nope i don't want to see the ads at this moment uh so yeah if you want to search or if you want to do more filtering all of that probably you will see abs so there you have it if you want to get premium and yeah if you want to get premium uh yeah that's three days for free then 9.99 per week cancel any time and local features new pictures every day no ads so just to remove ads you can just try try this app so definitely interesting there you have it thank you for watching

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