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here is amazing app which is called colourpop fun coloring game so let's just install it see how how that's working it's in top charts in entertainment category and yeah this is one of you know like very satisfying stress relieving apps where you can just uh the colourpop brings you your daily dose of fun with millions of drawings you're a brush away from the best coloring experience join the color pop community get inspired start painting and have fun with the most enjoyable coloring game time lapse feature allows you to visualize brush stroke after brush stroke the whole creativity process you have been through and it's very satisfying so you have a massive catalog of you know all the different pictures and patterns easy to paint fun to use you can just yeah oops something happened with the app store app um but yeah anyways seems it still should be installing so i should go to my purchases maybe it's there so yep thankfully it still is being installed maybe just because it's a large app and this is like an older phone um it's like iphone 7 or something but anyways that's what you should do to just install this app um so let's just wait for a while so [Music] okay i think it should be installed soon so usually i just go to my purchases and then it's almost there yep so now i can just open it up sorry for that guys and now yeah let's just take a look i think it should be super fun app you can allow notifications mindfulness by being creative relieve your anxiety be a part of creative community and then um then you just have access to this free trial try premium for free easily first three days are on us so you can just try that and then you have all this like trending yeah there are different categories there are all galleries there are like daily challenges there is some inspiration which you can see amazing patterns which people build then there is your profile um um you can also create your own account but basically for example i just select this and then i just want to color it so you can also pinch to zoom slide with your fingers to color and then you can access these palettes so to unlock that you will just need to watch your video or something then you can just keep coloring with another color and then yeah you can just do that like it's actually amazing yeah so you can just do that it feels like of course it's not like on paper or something but yeah oops and then you can reward yeah i don't know like how to color this and then you just use your finger just to draw it so that's kind of cool um yeah so that's the idea of the app it's pretty it's pretty interesting um yeah and it's like very relaxing and of course and there are ads if you want to avoid ads you just need to you know upgrade and let's see at upgrade options okay so since i kind of saved it but also yeah you can add some filters if you want no filters and then you can just publish it or share it and all of that i guess you also probably need to create your own account in this app to be able to um like save your own art and then you don't have an account yet create great one so you can be part of community you can publish it so maybe it already saves this forest because it's based on your yeah on your uh like ip ip or something so anyways this is um just an overused super relaxing app definitely a lot of like categories a lot of super amazing photos which you can just give it a try so definitely try it out

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