Color Widgets Photo Widgets app - full overview & how to use

hi Aaron so here is this app which is called color widgets for the widget so let's just uh yeah let's just install it and then yeah you can see that it's pretty big app because it's like 400 my 22 000 writings uh but yeah this is one of those where you can really customize your phone and make it much more personal and better looking for you and yeah if you want to give your phone a new refreshing outfit you can definitely use one of those apps this app is pretty cool and worry it's one of the best ones in this category um you can get wallpapers here you can get custom icons you can get custom videos different types of wallpapers also lock screen widgets if you have IOS 16 or yeah if you have a newer phone you can actually have this um really cool lock screen widgets and then a static io16 widgets trending themes for every like holidays periods or something like that uh and then also you can install phones and then also Keyboard themes so that's another feature of this app and then also battery charging animation where if you're charging your phone you can just add some cool funky animation and then also you can create a custom widget so yeah basically let's just open the app and then here uh select some categories you're interested in so maybe that will already help you out with style um so yeah for example if I'm interested in a static neon and glitter so then I can just type continue and then yeah here you can just tap or design your home screen so that's basically what you can do and then ask app not to track so yeah here are you just different fonts uh you have a keyboard where you can you can add this keyboard right here and then you can you have also widgets which you can install so here are the widgets available uh that you also have the widgets available for your lock screen which you can install here then you also have themes in which you can just install here so for example if you have this theme you can just try to use it yeah unfortunately in the free version you will need to to watch a lot of ads here so yeah let's just skip so yeah you can just install this theme oh that's too many apps ads and then yeah here you just have widget you have wallpaper and you have icon and then you can see and then you can just swipe around and you can see all the themes so for example if you like this theme you can just type fast install icon and then yeah you'll be able to install fast install icons in some apps they are using this shortcuts app in other apps they are you need to use uh yeah it's customized profile and it's much easier because if you manually install app by app it will take some time and then wallpaper you already have something in similar color scheme and then you can just install standard widgets which are just your like day the temperature or something like that and then of course you can customize and add much more different widgets like countdown widget batteries weather dates sunrise and sunset house like all of that uh even on lock screen on home screen these videos are a bit bigger and a bit brighter design here so yeah anything you can just do in this apps those are pretty cool um this app is pretty Advanced I must say and then yeah of course you can set up all this charging animation so this is the this is how it will look like uh how your when your phone is charging so it's like pretty cool right especially if it's this new uh charging Technologies like wireless charging on iPhone which you can use now on your models yeah that's like pretty cool here um so yeah and then you just have your keyboard if you uh and so yeah finally the ad is over so here you can import and use it at a theme fortunately if you want the there are so many ads like if you want to skip All Those ads because as you can see the app really becomes unusable you will you will need to upgrade here and let's just go together through the upgrade options um which are available in this app so you can just close it there were yes yeah I must say okay they just overdid a bit with these apps here uh but yeah um if I want to upgrade I just want to see uh what are the what is the pricing okay here there is some additional app actually just to get even more app icons and then you can just upgrade here so VIP subscription no ads finally 300 fonts and keyboards themes create your own three days and 49 per week multiple gifs hashtags and stickers start free trial and plan so yeah that's basically what you can have here yeah so that's the idea um so yeah that's that's a subscription options uh hope you like this app it's pretty cool um definitely worth a try so yeah one of those apps I think you will need to upgrade in one of those apps if you if you want to really customize your home screen like beautiful widgets and here you can also make your own custom widgets and apps uh but yeah like select one of these apps the like simify apps some other like tons of apps just go through them I also added a lot of video tutorials and then just select one of those and just probably you need to upgrade because you see that the ads are just unbearable and then yeah you can update the the view of your iPhone screen like every month or whatever you like and then that's really refreshes that the home screen of your phone your you know annoyed by like the same standard icons and wallpapers which yeah it can be like so boring if you're just using all the same stuff anyhow thank you for watching

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