hello everyone uh so here is camara app so let's just install it uh secure video calls and chat let's explore what this app is about and okay so instant video audio calls keep enjoying unlimited calls end-to-end encryptions your conversations for your eyes and ears only get your message do it anywhere anytime group chats high quality media file sharing camera is a free camera it's a free messaging app that allows you to talk to your friends and family about one on one chats voice calls and video calls through connectivity or mobile data or wifi it also enables you to connect your group chats and lets you share photos videos documents location and a whole lot more why come on free calls and messages group chats no ads save and secure talk anywhere quick and secure access contact syncing share multimedia excellent app is no issues i would truly like it if there were group calls but anyways let's just go straight and see how to create an account it wants to have access to my contacts then i need to verify my phone number so then there is some verification code then you can just enter nickname so there you have it it you needed to give access to a microphone camera and then there it is so it's kind of similar to whatsapp i guess so yeah this is how it can look like catch up with friends and family show instant video and voice calls or connect with them through messages you can even create groups and connect with multiple contacts at all at once it's all secure and easy so you can create new chat or add new contact and then just add it via you know iphone contacts i think so it's like a replacement for whatsapp in europe that's can be interesting use case then you can have contacts you can have settings here uh so yep that's basically it you can do calls here so if i just want to do a call i can just invite some contacts i can add friends there are some privacy settings let's see profile photo blog contacts hidden chat [Music] chat themes language help faq privacy policy notifications you can invite friends contacts calls chats so something like that hopefully it is helpful and thank you for watching

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