Confirmed app - sometimes you can add PayPal, sometimes only card

Confirmed app - sometimes you can add PayPal, sometimes only card

The Confirmed app is gaining popularity with its simple and efficient approach to making payments. However, users have noticed an inconsistency when it comes to adding payment methods. In some instances, they are able to add PayPal as their preferred option, while in others, only card payment is accepted. This has left many users puzzled and questioning the app's functionality.

Upon entering the queue on the Confirmed app, users are prompted to select their payment method. This is the crucial step where they have the opportunity to add their preferred payment option. At this stage, they are presented with the choice to add a card or even Apple Pay.

However, it seems that the availability of these payment options is not consistent across the board. Some users report only seeing a PayPal button, making it impossible for them to add any other payment method. On the other hand, there are also instances where users can only add a card, with no option for PayPal or Apple Pay. This inconsistency raises questions about potential bugs or issues within the app's coding.

For those fortunate enough to have the option, adding Apple Pay provides a convenient and streamlined experience. With just a few taps, users can confirm their payment seamlessly. Alternatively, adding a card is also an option for those who don't have access to Apple Pay or prefer card-based payments.

What's worth mentioning is that the ability to add payment methods is solely available at this stage of the process. It is not nestled somewhere in the settings, making it clear that this limited window is the only opportunity for users to input their payment information.

In conclusion, Confirmed app users are experiencing inconsistent results when it comes to adding payment methods. While some have the option to add PayPal, others are limited to card payments. The presence of bugs or underlying issues within the app is suspected as the cause of this discrepancy. However, for those who do have the option, adding Apple Pay or a card provides a convenient and efficient way to make payments using the Confirmed app.

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