Contents of the iPhone couldn't be read. Click Restore iOS 15 issue

hey everyone so when i updated my iphone to ios 15 and i connected it to my mac i started to have this kind of problem so contents of iphone could not be read click restore and i had like iphone menu popping up like every few minutes like on my mic when i had like iphone connected and then i just uh yeah i couldn't like it was just a bit annoying um and probably will hold or you can also have issues with iphone backup um so that's that um but like what worked for me like i just restarted my mic and that's all the problem you can also do like a safe reboot or followed by a simple reboot so you can just google like there is cipher start on mac what you can do um also you can just run in terminal like this this command um maybe that can be helpful so a lot of people say that this problem can be solved by this and probably this issue is connected to so there you have it if you have some similar issues just leave it in the comments below interesting just to know

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