Copypasta Keyaboard app Full Overview

here one so here is copy pasta keyboard app so let's just try to install it and figure out how to use it so the idea of these apps is that you can copy paste big chunks of text or some emojis or some like standard phrases and then just insert in your messenger in your texting apps and all of that so new copy pasta so for example i want to [Music] set this to my keyboard uh and then i but first i need to add a custom keyboard here so i just need to go to settings keyboards and then your keyboard copy pasta and there you have it so i just enabled that keyboard then let's just create a new note here and then i can just switch to copy pasta keyboard for example i can just have this phrase and i can just okay so i just repeated it 600 times good job uh then i can just delete all oops so i can just do this it repeats 26 and then i can just also do this or this or claps and all of this but so all this like fun stuff so you can see like really all this funny stuff funny emoji so if you really want to stand out with your friends you can just try all of the different settings [Music] i don't know what that is here upside down so [Music] yeah so you can also use upside down text and by default you can try to repeat it like i don't want 117 times come on like 22 times and then if you want to remove at this 199 if you want upside down it's 199 one time payment and that's it [Music] so and then of course you can just save and copy and then add all of this so yeah that sounds cool let's see if you i can add emojis so here's something like this and then of course there are like ads so basically that's about it anytime if you want to get rid of this you just go back to keyboards and add it and remove that so that's the idea but yeah with this app this free app you can really stand out and impress your friends and family with your keyboarding skills English (auto-generated)                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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