Cougar dating - full app overview

hey uh so here is this app which is called cougar um it's one of the dating apps and it's in top 100 social networking apps in us app store and it's constantly in top charts so of course there is tinder there is bumble badu many other dating apps but there are some apps which are like super niche so if you know exactly your type or you know more precisely like who are you looking for then probably the best case for you is just to use this niche dating app like cougar so cougar is focusing on like dating more mature women so this is like if for a young guy stating more mature woman you can see here that there are like one million users and overall is just similar to any other dating app like tinder is i will just show you how it looks like i don't use it but just for the sake of interest you can just take a look here if you're interested to install it and use it so it's free to create an account then you just need to upload at least one photo and then you just use search filters and then you can just chat with someone and all of that uh it's free to download the news there are also some vip subscriptions 9.99 for one week 24.99 for one month 49.99 for three months so there you have it so let's just take a look at the app so here is the app the first step is boost those these are the boosted profiles where people are i don't know like paying or boosting their profiles so yeah um and then you can just swipe left right um yeah of course there are like different photos here and all of that then you can just message but if you want to message you need to upgrade here or you can just like so all of that [Music] in top right you will see all the people you liked and stuff then there is like a showcase again this is like a list of highlighted profiles you can add your photos you can go to any profiles you can like the photo for example you can see all the likes so it's a bit different than tinder you can report also you can also comment in the bottom uh you can switch photos here so that's the idea the main type is search where you can just search for profiles you can change your filters in the top right you can change which gender you're looking for which status which body type and then just search for that so that's the idea then you can select location and you can select visitors so all the different tags but here are the select vip members so again to upgrade six months is 49.99 three months is 39.99 so that's about that then you also have messages so all the people who messaged you and that's it basically now you have your profile in your profile you will see people you favored people favors you wink and comments and then basically here you see uh mutual facts so it's like a match on tinder people who just fight you and wink wink i don't know what that is exactly here you can also add photos to your gallery and also you can add more photos of yourself so you can just change your profile picture there are more settings here in the top right where you can block users you can change password if you want to you can delete your cougar account right from here this is the way to delete your cougar data if you're not happy if you have any other issues you can just write to support at google to get help and to get like some other advice so that's that you can always just also reach out here for the support option and that's basically it if you want to edit your profile when you created it this is what you will see here you can add stuff like eye color hair color about you ethnicity body type gender and all of these things so that's the idea um creating profile is actually super fast and free there are just three steps you just enter your like email name username you also add your photo and you also add your preferable filters who are you looking for at this app yeah so that's the app if you want to consider to upgrade then you can do it of course here uh you can start from one one sweep from 15.99 so something like that and yeah so that's the idea if you upgraded in the app you need to cancel via the settings of your app store app it's not possible to cancel in the app itself and then yeah that's how the app works if you have any experience with this app or if you want to try it out just please leave it in the comments below like i will try to help or some other viewers of this video will share your experience so yeah hopefully that was helpful check out my other video overviews of facebook dating or some tinder features or of battle and some of that so thanks for watching like and subscribe                                                                                                                                    

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