CounterSocial app - FULL OVERVIEW & HOW TO USE?

here's I just created my account Encounter social app I'm just going through it with you guys to just to explore what this app is about what's this social media network is all about um yeah for you just to have an idea uh control social has many unique standard features that you won't find on other platforms you can configure a columns however you like change the order at hashtags monitors at least in addition to Mutant Block you can choose to filter your content based on any keywords or price um it's free to all but you can upgrade your account to Pro for access to more features there is no ads or sponsored content here with a crowd powder powered and your data is shared with nobody and this is this is how the app looks like um you can see just similar to Twitter I guess um and then this is just the app um I don't know actually you know if this app is on the right side or on the left side or uh yeah because you know like there is so much drama right now in in social media space in in United States there's Twitter there's Facebook which is supposed to be was like more like left wing uh leaning platform and then there is Rumble and like uh parlor through social like on the right side and there is so much turmoil and people try to find some alternative social media networks so I don't know if this network is getting some traction because it's on specific side or it's just because it's like you know like community based community-owned platform which should be completely neutral as a platform so here you can see direct messages notifications you can see your friends you can see your profile uh you can see you can edit your profile um so yeah I guess just curious uh here what you can do you can edit your supply name uh you can lock account you can also delete an account in the bottom so if you wish to delete your account you can proceed here you will be asked for confirmation uh so yeah they also have a bit of like uh I don't know very old school tactic to verify your profile metadata they ask for a link back so basically you can put links to your websites but uh yeah if you have a pro pro user if you upgrade it to their Pro Plan you can enable that feature but then they're asking for like backlinks to boost their SEO or something like that so yeah kind of a bit of old-school uh tactic but yeah here again it's like a social network Community Firehouse you can enable only Media or it's an interesting feature um yeah that's that um then here you also have a desktop web feature there is fact there are a lot of like features in this app which are trying to be completely distinguishable from from uh other apps and then here you can see a unique social network it's a hundred percent crowd-powered and by its user doesn't run ads or promoted content our user's data is not mined or sold for any purpose this platform has a zero tolerance stance to hostile Nations but accounts trolls and disinformation networks for weaponizing our own social media platforms and Freedoms um so that's what describe they describe here in the app um yeah as you can see it's climbing in the top 100 apps in the social media category in U.S so that's already pretty high uh and it can go even higher so here you can select your preferences as well of course there is also just a mobile app which you can discard but this is also available on on the web as a web platform um so that's what you can see here yeah so that's the idea and then you can also create something you can create a new post you can add pictures pause you can change the privacy so you can select public which is default and it's free to do that you can select unlisted followers only or yeah so you can do that so that's uh and then you have sanitizer you can add emojis you can add some warning and then uh yeah I just want to discover how to upgrade um and then uh yeah your posts your profile looks like this you can see post followers of who you're following and the new followers uh yeah you can edit profile see preferences pin posts um so something like that uh of course for security you can enable to factor authentication um but I'm just curious like how to how to upgrade here so in the in this section I can just tap Pro and then I will be able to upgrade as you can see this is the how it looks like defect detector so we are only using AI to automatically analyze uploaded content in general time to determine defect probability but both Sentinel integration to further protect from foreign influence operation it identity Bridge alerts fact layer integration uh to integrate real-time inline automatic political bias leaning and fake news unique features like counter share emergency radio traffic conferencing secure groups exploding posts so there are a lot of these features which are kind of are different from traditional social media I don't know if all these features are uh uh like you know real or it's just claims or just in images and then you can upgrade uh so then uh then you can try to upgrade here if you want and then you you can yeah you can try it here I don't know like what would be the pricing just to show you and I don't if you don't like this app you don't need to upgrade uh it's just to show you the idea how it works okay so the the monthly pricing is 4.99 dollars uh so it's like in any other app and then also you can you have the app itself so of course I was just showing you the mobile website but you have the app itself where you can log in and enjoy everything in the app so here is just of course you need to log in and enjoy all of the I just showed you on the app itself hope it is helpful and thank you for watching

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