CounterSocial app - how to create an account?

here's the interesting app which is called Contour social and Next Generation social network it's already in the top charts in the US App Store so it's pretty interesting let's just do a quick preview I'm super excited to see why it's actually hitting the top charts maybe because you know there is a current turmoil in Twitter like it might be people uh looking for some other alternatives um so maybe that um also here you can see um all of these accounts ideas uh counter social and action social network and unique social network no trolls no abuse no ads no fake news no foreign influence operations is the first social network platform to take a zero tolerance stands to hostile Nations broad accounts trials and disinformation networks who are weaponizing our own social media platforms and Freedoms so that's uh the description of the app it's a hundred percent crowd powdered by its users and doesn't run ads or promoted content our users data is not mined or sold for any purpose so yeah it sounds pretty promising so let's just explore it uh friends for your information there is another kind of similar app which is called Mastodon which is basically open source social network um so here you can just select language and then you can just create an account you're registering a new account so here you will need your username your email address password and confirm password as you can see this app doesn't have an option to log in with Facebook Twitter or Google Apple which kind of makes sense uh so it's very it's a bit kind of old school but that's uh what it is so yeah hope this is helpful that's how you create an account and that's a super quick preview so in the next video I'll just try to create an account and explore more inside of the app

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