Couple BITMOJI in SnapChat is UGLY - how to get new pose?

The recent distress among users regarding the appearance of their couple Bitmoji in Snapchat has sparked conversations on how to address this issue and potentially refresh the pose. In a recent video transcript, a user expressed their frustration with the current inability to modify their coupled Bitmoji pose. However, there may be a solution on the horizon.

The user shared their method of attempting to change the Bitmoji pose by tapping on anyone in the app, navigating to the profile, and attempting to update the pose. Unfortunately, the user discovered that altering the couple Bitmoji pose directly is not currently an option within the Snapchat interface.

The user highlighted that the only customizable avatar is the individual one and not the coupled Bitmoji. The update process for the couple Bitmoji pose seems to be automatic and set to occur the following day after changes to individual avatars have been made.

While the current functionality limits users in promptly adjusting their couple Bitmoji poses, it is hoped that Snapchat will introduce an option to modify these poses directly in the future. As users eagerly anticipate this potential new feature, it remains to be seen how Snapchat will address this user concern in upcoming updates.

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