Course Hero Homework Helper app overview

hey everyone so here's interesting app it's called course hero heroic Homework Helper it has 55 000 ratings it's constantly in the in the top charts and yeah you can see this is one of those apps where you can you can solve some Mass issues and so you can scan you can type text and then uh you can also get expert advice but it's not only maths in this app you also have some help with a lot of other homework subjects so then you can just access the the camera and then for example I just want to scan this one so then I can just move it around and then it just tries to solve the problem so it recognized the text pretty well and then here is the question and here is the answer then you can just see the solution steps available in this app and yeah and then you can just say Okay this this solution was helpful so there you have it so as you can see I didn't even upgrade so it's super easy to use very convenient just without upgrading and then you can see notifications and then yeah you can I didn't even create an account so you can easily create an account with Google Facebook and all of that and then also you can just type um uh yeah so answer your question um and then just type here so that's what you can do then you can just search then there is Library notifications um so yeah that's basically the idea scan or type one thing is that uh so okay let's just so here you have all the different subjects it has so it's not only Mass you have business science math engineering technology arts and humanities U.S history enter school I don't know like just for an example enter course and then you can just sign up submit this question but then you'll need to create an account because then it will require uh you've been contacted by the tutor and there you have it so I'm not sure if it is available in the free version but there you have it in your library and yeah so that's basically the idea uh then I think of course you will need to upgrade uh and yeah to access more of the features but you can do so much stuff here in even in a free version so definitely check out this app there are I would say some of the mass apps which are more advanced if you're just looking to solve specifically Mass problems but this app combines everything in once like if you just doing homework for a bunch of subjects biology history math whatever just you can use one of this app and it's not like that expensive because some of other apps you need to pay you know like 80 dollars per year or even more just to solve some some problem and you can solve it without like spending money here as you can see I can just solve it yeah for free maybe it's just limit limited how many questions I can solve for free but at least try it out

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