CoverStar app - how to use?

here is interesting app which is called cover star dance challenges so let's explore it so its size is hundred and seven megabytes so it's not a large app and yeah it's it's growing in the charts uh coverstar is a safe and positive social network meet new friends and compete in dance challenges to win prizes cover star is for making friends not false we don't allow any bullying or toxic behavior only positive vibes so yeah it's kind of you know one of those tick tock alternatives which takes one of tick tock features and try to build up on it and then here you can [Music] but basically yeah here is the community you can see trending today you can see trending dances there are challenges which you can join every day uh which then you can see some trending videos there are a lot of like teenagers here uh okay so sim is like very teenager kind of focused app and to create an account you can just tap here and continue with apple and continue or continue with google so there are just some notifications and then to pick a song and to uh to post a video you still need to create an account yep so that's kind of like a simplified niche version of tick tock where you just do these dances and that's basically the idea so give it a try if you like tick tock especially if you like tik tok for dancing moves and all of that definitely give it a try

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