Cozy - group chat room - app overview

so here is interesting app which is called cozy group chat room so let's just install it and see how it works uh let's just use touch edit to install uh this is a group chat with fun people from the world you can chat or text voice and more unique emoji stickers don't get judged by your face welcome to the community and have fun you can with your friends you can connect with your friends and family and meet new friends easily and cozy explore new friends chat with funny stickers say hi with your friends so there are still not that many ratings but and seems this app is is basically in mostly asian markets but now it's also in us app store and it's growing in charts here so let's explore there are a bunch of requests already um so here you can just create an account so let's just try to do that so here's how the app looks like you know so you can reach out [Music] to people okay so it doesn't allow any screen recording but let's just open to have a preview of the app in case you want to download and install it so here you can see all the messages you can see you can explore all of that so seems and then you can message so since it's one of those like you know random video chat random chat apps and yeah you can decide if you really want to install it and stuff a bunch of these apps are really not of high quality and they are just used from one template the spike up in the in the some like social media categories on app store get some installs and they then go down so that's just my honest opinion that some of these apps are not worth your time and you can meet some spam and scam bots and all that so yeah just you decide don't know if this app is actually one of those but maybe it's popular in some countries because in every region there is one top app of this category so yeah this is just an overview you can search here and hope our world is helpful and thank you for watching

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