Creating a BOT in CHAI app - FULL TUTORIAL

let's explore how to create a bot in chai app so just tap create bot and yeah actually as you can see I already have one bot um I can see all the stats here but yeah now you can create multiple Bots for three inch I app so yeah let's just do it together let's follow through this tutorial so here you just need to add name you need to add some Avatar so let's just do it so here are some Avatar I will generate it using some AI images and then let's just tap continue here you need to enter briefly describe here what to other users enter the first message your Bot sends an introduction message if it doesn't impact your boss Behavior it's just optional then if you want you can actually create a private bot only you can Finance picture bot then you tap continue um enter facts your Bot will always remember like uh Elisa is a therapist she's 25 and has a cat name please writing under memory makes your Bot more coherent and then enter prompter conversations to shape new conversations um so um and and then yeah you can just these are required fields uh the more you enter here the better your Bot becomes because there are more like points for AI to train uh I don't know it's just I'm just entering just some interesting things and yeah so there you have it now you just created your Bot you can add it you can chat with the bot uh um and then yeah you can just see all of that you can rate your messages you can uh uh remove the message you can tweak your Bot you can upgrade to to another version if you want to make your Bot better and then you can add a friend here if you want to engage more in these conversations like pretty cool and you can just have chats with it and yeah see it progressing so here is my other bot it had 29 conversations 63 messages sent um I can see users conversations and then you can just see all of that and just either enjoy it or make it better or just make sure that it's in top thousand Rank and yeah then you can just play with it so it's like pretty interesting you can see engagement conversations median conversation I don't know what that is it's like medium messages and yeah so that's the idea you can also discover Bots here like top Bots you can see 56 000 chats if you want to chat with that bot actually you will just need to watch ads I guess uh yeah so here you will see the most popular Bots out there a lot of Anima Bots and yeah so that's kind of fun and then you can see leaderboard um um so yeah um there you have it so that's basically the idea um so try it out

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