Creepy Countdown app - what is it

so here is this app which is going viral i'm on teens and as you can see it's in the entertainment charts it has nearly 30 000 writings and yeah you can see what this app is about so yeah it's kind of like a countdown app and this app is based on the horror movie countdown and then some people just using hashtags uh and then this app is a brilliant marketing strategy uh and then uh yeah this is this app is about horror movie countdown which you can uh yeah you can watch now um and this app just contains a lot of vibration sounds so just be careful also maybe if you have some mental issues or something like that maybe just not try it out uh this app is for entertainment purposes only results should not be taken seriously um [Music] so yeah that's basically it then you can just install it uh open it up and then you will see some like numbers and there is also like feed of people just uh going through the app and just leaving some hashtags and all of that and then also it's like not funny but you can see all the reviews here people just uh [Music] saying this app is creepy scaring the living heck of me this is scary to be honest i was so scared so this app was in the top charts in the app store i don't know if this app is on android or google play store and all of that but here it is and after this app a lot of people actually started to watch the like the movie started to figure it out and all of that um um yep so that's like a really brilliant marketing app for for the movie to check it out and this app is was in the top charts in entertainment category in the yeah also in the all top charts and all of that in us um and yeah so there you have it so this is like a horror app but that's it

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