Crumbl Cookies App Overview

hello there so here is this trend in app crumble cookies so this is like very cool brand and they have their own app so let's just install it and see how that's working so you just use your touch id or face id to install and basically here is the app you can see how it's working so it has you have 950k ratings 4.9 out of 5 average writing and crumble cookies is home to the best cookies in the world unique and 20 flowers rotate weekly and are made fresh daily delicious garment cookies available for takeout deliver or pick up in our signature pink box so let's just open the yapta app and see so here is the app you can see the weekly menu what kind of order would you like to put in um place delivery store pick up catering pick up shipping uh so then you can just get started you can allow notifications and then you can just sign in okay so you need to create an account in any ways so it's only possible to create an account here in the united states so for that reason so let's just let's just go to the app and see how it works and then i just need to receive this confirmation code of course you can rescind it and there you have it closed on 10 days crumble closes on sunday to give our staff uh some well needed dress and prepare for next week's menu so then you can always order for the next week so where you can enter the address so you can then create an address then you can just use use this address and then you can select the day here you have also gifts you have some loyalty program uh then you have your information your addresses uh orders payment details or you can just add apple pie basically if you're using iphone you can just do that from here and i'll need to add some credit debit card and then you just have the menu you can you have all these cookie flavors uh you have yes so you can read about ultimate peanut butter a peanut butter lover's delight peanut butter cookie so milk chocolate chip ruby chocolate chip banana cream pie so you have all of this and also some ice cream yeah it looks pretty yummy right and then with this app you can also use like a crumble card for every dollar spent at crumble you will earn one loyalty cramp 100 oil to crumbs it stands dollar crumble cash and then you can use it in store you can use it online you can also use a crumble card here and check out on the crumble apple website look for the button labeled crumble cash how do i earn loyalty crams how do you earn one crumble cash and then you can also use that to buy so yeah and then there are also these different gifts um different kinds of digital gifts which you can send like four pack quarter six pack quotes your digital gift card and all of that so that's basically what yeah you can definitely use this app if you really like this brand and this just makes these enhancements and makes the process easier to use and hope it was helpful enjoy the cookie

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