so hello everyone uh so these days everyone is going viral about new filter new lenses on snapchat so if i just search for snapchat let's just explore that so here is the filter and then uh i want to search for crying this is the crying lens and for some people it's actually it's not loading so for me recently it was just stuck on this face where yeah it's not actually loading i don't know what was the issue about either yeah so as you can see it's working now but it wasn't working before [Music] so what i did is just swipe it up so swipe up uh snapchat and then open again and then uh try again the filter and then it works because i don't know what was the issue maybe because i was recording the screen the same moment i had so many apps open maybe there was some issue with my wi-fi oh yeah but now it works pretty smooth uh yeah maybe because i have just iphone 7 just some older device but yeah that's basically the the overview so yeah in case it doesn't work for you just restart snapchat it should uh work after that

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