Crypto Earn via - overview. Should you try it?

hey everyone so here's app and then they have this program which is called crypto earned so currently i have in my balance like 102 dollars of crypto dot com coin uh and then yeah i can just if i go to my accounts i have crypto earn earn up to 12.5 on your crypto assets earnings will be credited to your world every seven days earnings paid in the same currency as your deposit so okay something happened um so there are like different programs here so you definitely need to explore them and recently like crypto dot com coin is like really going up so here it is crypto that earned so as you can see here the percentages teaser 12 per annum finance litecoin and all of that and so as you can see this is the uh you can select one monster flexible jade indigo or about i don't know like what that is but let's just enable that and i just need to select that so select term [Music] i will not be able to withdraw the principle during the grid fixed term i understand that cryptocom assets are not legal tender not backed by any garment and not insured by the that so yeah okay so you need at least like three thousand dollars of crypto dot com uh coin and yeah so that's the limit so this is at the moment it's like around three thousand three hundred us dollars and then you can just um earn that um so that's the idea um and then yeah you can earn that interest here um so that's that that's how crypto earn works in case you had any questions

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