Crypto Revolt app what is it? Is it a SCAM?

okay so let's do a quick overview of this crypto revolt app so this is the website uh it's investing crypto before it's too late with crypto revolt um [Music] so cryptocurrency has taken the storm but with the world by the storm in the last three years it's about to do it again and like crypto wall has been built to automate as much of the trading process as humanly possible our trading algorithm is going to do all of the market recession analysis for you saving a lot of very valuable time so like there are a lot of questions on google and all of that it's like is crypto revolt app legit is it like a scam or it's like really using some advanced algorithm i honestly don't know so if you have any ideas just leave them in the comments below um there is some trading algorithm i don't know it's not only been bitcoin here but as i say here there are so many other coins that are worth your time so for example x or p it came out in a wire with 160 percent increase and crypto revolt is completely free and keep hundred percent of every deposit you make um so terry hart so let's just check it out so i'll just try to create an account here and then [Music] so there is some confirmation from mail from the crypto revolt app um and that's that's about it so we take security very seriously um uh then there is like a real person to call you and verify your account please answer the call and schedule an appointment for a more yeah so activation uh on the next page you will be sent to our carefully selected partner to activate your account by depositing your small startup capital if you are not sure how to sell after you activate your account go to your account below and then wait for one of our startup specialists to call it within next 30 minutes on monday friday so let's just do that and then i'm redirected to some invest core website i need to create some trading account and then deposit some money it's like some other third party website which i just don't know like uh like how it works um just like it's a bit suspicious actually because it looks a bit scammy for me but like anyways um [Music] if i just tap and go to account i'm just redirected here i need to create an account there are some trading accounts i need to create one to create i need to give a name select currency so for example here password so and something like that so they're probably trying to call me anyways uh i'll just try to see then i can't successfully create it and then there's another call from them so yeah just like here's my account and then the menu what i need to deposit is like 250 500 a thousand dollars and then i just need to tap deposit so yeah something like that um and yeah there you have it so that's like if you want to withdraw that's how it works basically so that's the idea like if you have other reviews about this app just please feel free to leave them below uh just curious you know is it like legit app i use it to trading either like legit algorithm or something like that okay let's take this hello hello

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