Cuff: Video Chat, Make Friends - how to create account?

here is cough app that's video chat make friends app let's just install and see how it works there are a bunch of apps like that in the in the app store um so i will just use my touch id or faces d to install yeah as i said there are a bunch of apps like that some of them i would say majority of them are like pretty spammy and scammy but let's just see how it works talk of your preferred gender and interesting maturity style cup when you are free one cup sets you up on a video chat show up and talk to your match for two minutes if you like your match your quest to connect and you will stay in touch have fun so kind of like a simple idea but that's how it works and four point nine out of five average rating so then let's just open the app and let's just create an account uh okay i just need to agree with terms on iphone seems you can only create an account with apple id sign up and then you just need to enter your display name you can enter your birthday um and then just seven continue here you can set filters uh like h filters select up to seven interests [Music] so something like that and then you can just tap save and continue you can allow notifications continue without notifications and then choose a time below to to schedule video date so that's basically the difference with this app that instead of like you know going to the to the app and um just matching with random people here you can choose a time below to to schedule a date here so so now you have just like available time and then you can also boost it but then you need to pay obviously so that's the idea um i guess that's how it works then you have your messages then you have your video dates so then you just need to give access to your camera your upcoming video dates appear here cop writing and then your schedule dates so that's kind of interesting um that's the difference of this app for example compared to omogle or monkey video chat app or all these apps which can be a bit scammy but this is like you just schedule your random video date so maybe it just brings a bit more quality and then that's if you want to delete your account you can just go to the bottom and delete your account in the account section just in case you are you don't want your data to be shared in a lot of places you can also change and edit your filters here and all of that so overall i hope this is helpful thank you for watching try out this app it can be super fun

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