so let's go through the curry app and yeah like figure out how to use it um curry app is getting in top charts um because um it's a kind of uber app for uh for uh construction deliveries uh and yeah it's a very interesting concept so for example if i want if i want to pick up some info and then i can so just for this demo so something like that so here you can see the the options how it works um and then i can just tap continue i can select every vehicle so like small boxes bags fittings faster raw max suv cargo one which starts at sixty dollars pickup truck sixty dollars sprinter one and all of that so and then i can select uh okay here it is priority will assign right after booking same day you can select that you can then select scheduled um or yeah and then okay same day and then pure an order number pick up info if you're the pickup contact you need to figure all of this stuff out drop off info contact name report no internal nodes deliver attachments and yeah so this that's basically how it works and i think it's a really cool service so imagine you are yeah like you're moving apartments from one apartment to another or houses or you're doing some construction work at house it's very often you have the pain that you know need to transfer some stuff of course you can book some like uh like normal b company but maybe it will be more expensive or you transfer as part of the stuff and then you forgot that you need the other stuff so like what what can you do so this is this is the cool app it's kind of like a uber for this uh so yep that's that's basically the idea so as you can see here is the process it's it's a bit more longer than uber like the booking process but that's what it is at the moment then you will see your uh your account you can only register with not personal but work email then you can set up your payment you can add teams there is help center and then there is a chat where you can chat with the support team so that's basically the idea of how that will work and yeah i hope this this is helpful

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