CuteU Live Video Chat app Full overview and how to use

hello there so here is this uh nice app qtu live video chat app um and it's climbing in the top charts in the us app store so you can see it's already 113 social networking category in the whole us app store that's pretty fun um and it's like a random video chat app similar to omegle on monkey chat and all of that um so you can see like there are only 600 ratings it's quite a new app uh so let's just just go through this app and see how it works why people seem to like it so you just start using the app create an account i usually create with um because my apple id that's pretty fast and then you can just tap quick match um and then that's how it works and then you can just accept and start conversations um so there you have it that's how it works so that's the idea of course on this kind of apps you will have a lot of spam and a lot of fake profiles a lot of like bad quality profiles um you just go to explore tab you can swipe left swipe right you can see two recommendations so you can see to people near bu then you can just see in the live feed you can follow some people in the live streams and then you have all your messages so for example if someone is messaging here you can reply you can also yeah but then uh you need to sign up for a membership uh one month is 12.99 or 1999 and then you can just buy it if you sign up for a membership you can just get advanced match function free messaging you can switch country vip logo and all of that so that's the idea and then there is your profile you can change your nickname change your profile picture select all of that from here you can upgrade and then you can go to settings and link your phone facebook um you can then get verified verification it's usually good that these apps have some kind of verification because the amount of spam and fake and bad quality profiles can be just astounding and then you can just log out there is no option to delete your account from here as i can see it here so you just probably need to contact the support but yeah that's that's the idea that's the app that's how it works here um that's pretty much vouchers you can just receive i don't know it doesn't work then you can see your diamonds you can see and the price for the diamonds and all of that um you can see how much record so yeah that says the idea uh hope it is helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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