CuteU Live Video Chat app how to create an account?

hello everyone so here is this app which is called qtu live video chat app so let's try to install it and see how it works so just use touch id to install uh it says it's real time video matching app where you can video matching chat at the same time video match with real verified people through live video uh yep so let's try to open there are a bunch of apps in this category so there are like monkey app on my go app and then you just agree here you need to give access to camera microphone and then sign in with apple let's just try that select your gender and then just change your birthday applaud the image you can skip that and there you have it now you just created your account and then you can just start matching and then you can see if it works and then you can just accept so that's that's how it works uh if you go to settings you can see all the info here you can edit your username nickname you can just do a quick match you can search for people you can see in the video you can see in the messages um and you can go to your profile you can see who viewed your profile and all that uh so yep that's that's the idea uh that's that's how you create an account                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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