CVS PHOTO app - how to use?

here's interesting trending app which is called photo prints now cvs photo so uh basically you can order photo freeze prints which is not something you know extraordinary but then you can just get these prints at any cvs pharmacy or you know and get the either at cvs pharmacy location or get your free prints home delivered send photos to print at any cvs location or for home delivery select pictures from your phone choose print sizes or their photo prints at cvs or home delivered high quality photo prints ready for one hour pick up or deliver to your door my question memories receive as photo prints and photo gifts so that's that pick up prince today i will do reward to you ready in one hour print photos from anywhere so you can see just not only photos but also foster posters and all of that print from your phone to your near restore and of course cbs has one of the largest networks of like local pickups and that's why i think that's this app is going quite popular because yeah you can just print and just pick up in the pharmacy and it's like super convenient so you just need to allow access to all photos allow notifications and then basically you can just you know select few photos and then you just tap print to cvs uh okay i'm in europe so probably no so here i can just so then i can just search for it and then i can just you know select some cvs uh i can select different print sizes i can also add gifs like print panels magnets cards and then add some other sizes here and then i can select princess cvs so then i will see all the all the orders i made you can add my first last name in my phone in top part then i can add copies i can you know calculate the price and here is for example for four copies you will have some 0.76 uh the price here and then i can just type prints to cvs so something like that um hope it can be helpful uh yeah try out this app it's super interesting actually because it's it's convenient just to do that you can also select deliver but probably there will be higher price for delivery and then yeah you can just pay so that's the idea hope it was helpful

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