DailyBean app - how to create an account?

here is the app called daily bean it's a simplest day journaling app one of the most popular ones so let's just try to install it um so 55 megabytes size of the app and then daily bean so the idea is that you just uh yeah you just record your day with these daily beans like daily mood notes so you just tell the app how are you feeling every day and then it's also like social media you can keep track of your mood dive deep in your life protect some of your moods and records and recordings um so yeah that's basically the app idea so you can see 13 000 ratings and this is the app um so let's just see please p categories you want to keep record of weather social school okay then you can just set up reminders and then you just can set up like how your day was and that's it i didn't even was prompted like to create an account so it's interesting yeah so that's basically how you get started uh even without an account so that's pretty cool you can backup or restore your data easily you can turn on off your reminders you can see your basic stats of your mood so that's the idea

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