DailyCam Face Aging app - preview

here is this really amazing app which is called daily cam face agent editor and i can just install it here um to see how that works so you have 840 ratings it's in top charts in the us app store and what it does is basically [Music] you can add any style effects you want output high quality photos and let your photos convey the story so you can just use time boost like back to childhood like use this app to try to recreate you really like childhood photos you can add your photo with cutting out background and just add it to multiple amazing scenes used for comic images some funny rephrasing animation and all of that um so these are the features you can see them here so time boost i want to see what your past the future looks like all you need is a front face photo and text the time shadow to get your cute childhood photos so the appearance of you getting older comic effect daily art advanced filters various stickers smart cut out flash effect and then you can see all these uh ratings so there is 4.2 out of 5 average right in here um yep so this app is almost downloaded and then yeah we can just tap to open it up then this is some standard settings and then yeah you can use it to all all these features and then uh yep you can try all these features for if you want a payment or otherwise you can still have us this version like that and then uh yep and then there are some ads so that's basically how you can get started if you want access all features again you need to upgrade and then you don't even need to create an account but yeah you can use all these features hope that was a good start

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