DALL-E MINI - too much traffic issue

so i'm trying to use dolly uh too mini so this is an app which you already can try here on the huggingface.co and but if i try to run it at the moment it says too much traffic please try again and a lot of people see this issue because this app right now is just going viral so for people who don't know delhi 2 mini is like you know this ai project where you can generate ai image just from a prompt and this image is very like a super high quality like a photo so it's not some abstract element it's just uh yeah you can generate it uh like very close to what like would you take a camera and take a photo which is crazy but that's like the new technology so it's really exciting but i don't know what you can do here maybe just try a few hours later because maybe it's just going viral on tick tock and like social media so probably like millions of users to this website and it doesn't have this server capacity uh so just try either a few hours in few days i i'm sure there will be apps based on this algorithm like incoming in coming time so just what that's what you can do

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