Damus app - how to change username or profile picture?

to change username or profile picture in demos app in the test flight just tap on your profile in top left tap on edit and then here you have your name you have your username which you can change so you can then upload profile picture to do that you need to it's not possible to upload it you just need to have a link to this from external website maybe you can upload it through to Google Drive like Drive google.com and then just share that link might be to your own website might be some WordPress sites or I don't know use it from some other resources so yeah it's not possible to tap the button and upload here you can add your own website uh for example I'll just add my personal blog feel free to visit this and then okay so then you need to tap save in the bottom so you can also change About Me section uh yeah so then you can just tap save and then yeah you have kind of I don't know what that is but okay so seems not all the features are working exactly correctly but there you have it so uh yeah that's the app basically uh try it out it's a interesting Twitter alternative

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