Damus app - super quick overview

so here is damu's app it's climbing into the top charts of social networking and uh it's one of the Twitter Alternatives so to install it just tap cat and then you will be able to install it on your device so just use the face ID or touch ID and like what's the point of this app basically it's the first step to decentralized uh social media basically like just like a front-end interface to to social media while it's just based as I understand on Noster protocol which is like a back-end decentralized infrastructure uh yeah where there is no one who kind of owns this back end just like it's owned by Community as I understand so it's it's an opposite to Twitter uh for example or like Facebook where where all the company is just on like by one company here is the first step towards decentralization um as you can see here you can see all these relays where you can just go there and uh yeah in some so you can kind of compare it to to Mastodon or something like that uh yeah uh so now it's finally been released on the App Store you can install it I've I've been using it already on test flight so now you can just log in here and uh so yeah that's basically the idea it's still a bit buggy but there you have it so hope this is helpful

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